These 3 Viewpoints Will Make You Want to Visit the Grand Canyon’s West Rim

When you see the Grand Canyon on TV or in the movies, chances are you’re seeing the South Rim. But there’s so much more to the 277 mile long, 1 mile wide Canyon than what you see on the big screen!

The Grand Canyon’s lesser-known West Rim offers a more rugged alternative to the South Rim’s many recognizable vistas and viewpoints – and it’s more accessible too. Owned and operated by the Hualapai Indians, Grand Canyon West is only a short three hour drive from Las Vegas (compared to five or six hours to the South Rim), making it the perfect option for travelers who want to experience the illustrious majesty of the Grand Canyon on a tighter schedule. And because it receives fewer guests and has comparatively sparse infrastructure, it’s easier to get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon when you visit the West Rim.

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10 Places to See in the Southwest Outside of Sin City

If you’ve never ventured off the Strip, you might not know what lies beyond the streets of Las Vegas. Sin City may be located on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert, but if you’re looking to spend some time away from the flurry of Las Vegas, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery to see or interesting things to do a short drive outside the city limits. And, luckily, some of the most breathtaking sights in the Southwest aren’t located that far away from the Strip. Interested in a short road trip? Check out Red Rock Canyon! Don’t mind adding a few more miles to your drive? Beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park is only a few hours away.

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What to Expect when Rafting the Grand Canyon

Every year, thousands of thrill-seekers descend deep inside the Grand Canyon to raft the white waters of the Colorado River. If you’re one of these lucky intrepid adventurers, the last thing you want is to be caught unprepared!

Multi-day rafting excursions take a lot of advanced planning and preparation – the National Park Service permits a very limited number of non-commercial rafting expeditions each year, awarded by lottery up to a year in advance. If you don’t want to wait a year or more to ride the rapids or if you aren’t quite ready to rough it inside the Canyon for multiple nights, single-day rafting trips offer more flexibility and are often ideal for first-time rafters and fledgling adventure-seekers.

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Las Vegas Like a Local: A Guide to Exploring Downtown Las Vegas

If you think the Strip is the only part of Las Vegas worth checking out, think again. Located just a few miles north of the Strip, downtown Las Vegas offers an enticing and easily accessible alternative to the 24/7 bustle of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Sometimes referred to as “Old Las Vegas”, the downtown core was the original townsite and gambling district in Las Vegas, and is actually home to Sin City’s first casino (the Golden Gate, for all you trivia buffs). The downtown area was the heart and soul of Las Vegas until 1989 when Steve Wynn opened the Mirage, the first mega-casino on the Strip, and it wasn’t until the mid-90s when the Fremont Street Experience opened downtown that visitors began returning to Vegas’s historical roots. Now, thanks to a massive revitalization project spurred by the success of the Fremont Street Experience, downtown Las Vegas is home to a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and other attractions.

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8 Pro Tips for Beating the Heat at the Grand Canyon

Summer is fast approaching, with sunshine and soaring temperatures hot on its trail.

The Grand Canyon is usually a little cooler than the dry desert heat of Las Vegas because of its higher elevation, but the mercury still skyrockets along the Rim and inside the Canyon during the summer. In some areas, average temperatures regularly reach (and exceed) 100 degrees:

South Rim
North Rim
West Rim
Low 80sMid 70s100+

Despite the heat, the summer months are peak tourism season thanks to summer break and the influx of family vacationers. So don’t let a little weather deter you from visiting the Grand Canyon!

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