favorite grand canyon tour selfies

18 of our Favorite #CanyonSelfies

There’s nothing we love more than seeing people wonder at the marvel of the Grand Canyon! To help share the love, we’ve created a gallery of our favorite #CanyonSelfies, sent to us by Grand Canyon adventurers on Facebook  and Instagram.

Take a look and see if you can spot yourself:

Thanks Angie Prince Poe and Dre Poe Sr. for this awesome shot!

Gary Duncan and his wife enjoyed their trip despite the snow!

Great jump shot by Fiona Barry!

Do you see the Grand Canyon Village in the background? Nice shot from Hyeon Jung Kim.

This fantastic shot was taken on Vase Maquiling Ganske’s 16th anniversary. We’re so glad they enjoyed their anniversary tour!

grand canyon selfie vase maquiling ganske

Great shot with the Colorado River in the background, submitted by Giancarla Mocci!

grand canyon selfie giancarla mocci

Alison Powers knows how to fly like an eagle. Love it!

@ashley5353 looks ready to enjoy her helicopter tour. Nice filter!

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Julia Rosanna strikes a pose against the best backdrop nature can provide.

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@michelle_cr and her tourmates are keeping it real on their helicopter tour.

Don’t get too close to the edge! Thanks for the photo, Saban Horo.

Looks like everyone is enjoying their trip to the Grand Canyon in this shot by Payal Choudhary.

Awesome shot of the Skywalk by Gwyneth Cutler!

The clouds above the Canyon at truly stunning in this image submitted by Marian Blachowicz.

After six visits to Las Vegas, we’re glad Suzanne Barry finally made it to the Grand Canyon!

A post shared by Suzanne Barry (@mrs__sbarr) on

Nothing compares to seeing the Grand Canyon from a helicopter. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth Nikolaou!

Great shot by Travis Eads!

grand canyon selfie travis eads

Fran Lawton is right – the Grand Canyon is certainly breathtaking!

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