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Grand Canyon ATV/UTV Tours

Add a little more excitement to your Grand Canyon adventure and see the Canyon and the surrounding desert up close on an ATV or a UTV! Fly to the North Rim and explore the rugged terrain on a 4x4 Polaris ranger or kick up a little sand at nearby Eldorado Canyon. Grand Canyon ATV/UTV tours depart daily from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon North Rim Airplane & Ground Tour


Eldorado Canyon ATV and Gold Mine Tour


Las Vegas UTV Off-Road Experience


Why Take an ATV or UTV Tour?

Craving a little extra adventure? Fly to the Grand Canyon's North Rim in a flightseeing airplane before embarking on an all-terrain Polaris Ranger adventure through Whitmore Canyon, the Lake Mead Conservation Area, and other limited access areas. You can also pan for gold before journeying deep into Eldorado Canyon—the site of the biggest mining boom in early Nevada history and a hidden gem of the Southwest, with significantly fewer visitors than the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon ATV/UTV tours are ideal for adventure-seekers looking for an exciting, immersive Southwest experience, as well as for those who want to explore the Southwest off the beaten path. Most of our tours can be combined with airplane or helicopter tours. All of our tours include safety demonstrations and all equipment, including helmets, gloves, and goggles.

The only place to off-road at the Grand Canyon is the North Rim.

What You'll Experience

Spectacular Scenery

Get up close and personal with the stunning scenery of the Southwest desert.

Fully Automatic ATVs

Kick up a little sand aboard a four-wheel, fully automatic all-terrain ATV.

Equipment Included

ATV tours include safety demonstrations and all equipment, including helmets and gloves.

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