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Grand Canyon Boat Tours

Enjoy a pontoon boat cruise through the heart of the Grand Canyon, a river raft ride near the Hoover Dam, or a paddlewheel boat tour of Lake Mead. For a more adventurous Grand Canyon experience, combine your boat tour with a Grand Canyon bus tour, airplane flight, or helicopter floor landing. Tours depart daily from the Las Vegas Strip.

Grand Canyon Helicopter, Boat & Skywalk Tour


Grand Canyon Voyager West Rim 4 in 1 Tour


Lake Mead Cruise & Hoover Dam Tour


Why Take a Boat Tour?

Boat tours are available at the Grand Canyon's West Rim, down the Colorado River near the Hoover Dam, and on nearby Lake Mead. Grand Canyon boat tours can be easily combined with bus tours to the West Rim, airplane flights over the Grand Canyon, helicopter floor landings, Hoover Dam tours, and more.

Grand Canyon boat tours are ideal for groups who want to explore inside the Grand Canyon, those seeking a more relaxing adventure, or travellers looking for that perfect combination of an exciting Grand Canyon floor landing and scenic river cruise.

The only way to reach the Colorado River on the floor of the Grand Canyon is by helicopter. If you want to book a boat cruise through the Grand Canyon, your tour will also include a helicopter floor landing.

What You'll Experience

Relaxing Cruise

Cruise down the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon or relax on the calm waters of Lake Mead.

Picturesque Views

See the red and gold walls of the Grand Canyon up close or enjoy Lake Mead's stunning coast line.

Extra Inclusions

Boat tours may include meals, Grand Canyon floor landing, time to explore the Canyon floor, and other perks.

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