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Canyon Connections — 9 Online and Offline Communities for Grand Canyon Enthusiasts

From conservation groups and trip planning resources to hiking groups and rim-to-rim trek preppers, there are a number of online and offline opportunities for lovers of the Grand Canyon to come together to share pictures, reminisce, and get practical tips for making the most of your visit.

If you’re keen to connect with other Grand Canyon aficionados, we’ve compiled a list of the best online communities and in-person conservation organizations.

How did we choose who to feature?

First, we dug up as many online groups dedicated to the Grand Canyon as we could find. Then we plumbed through every group to see how active they are, how many members they have, and what kinds of posts people make. Our list features the groups that have lots of members, consistent and active engagement, the most helpful advice, and of course, Canyon camaraderie.

Let’s jump in!

Grand Canyon Connections: Online Communities

If you’re looking to connect with other Grand Canyon enthusiasts from around the world, these online communities are perfect for sharing your love of the Grand Canyon, asking for or sharing trip planning advice and resources, and general Canyon connection.

1. Grand Canyon Area Trip Planning

This public Facebook group has over 10,000 members and sees about a dozen new posts per day, covering topics from road trip route ideas and restaurant recommendations to gear suggestions and tour company reviews.

Why We Like This Group: It’s super active! There are tons of posts per day, and each post collects a number of helpful comments. If you’ve got questions, this group has answers.

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2. Grand Canyon Hikers

With over 99,000 members, this public Facebook group is for everyone who has hiked, or who wants to hike the Grand Canyon. Whether you’re seeking advice for hiking along the Rim, into the Canyon, and even rim-to-rim, this group has you covered with multiple posts per day.

Why We Like This Group: Members provide friendly, supportive, and detailed advice about hiking into and around the Grand Canyon. It’s also the most active Grand Canyon hiking-related group we could find.

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3. Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Ready to tackle the famed rim-to-rim trek? This group has all the answers you need to plan your trip, stay safe, and enjoy the journey. With over 84,000 members and several fresh posts per day, you can find info on everything from how to train for your trek to gear recommendations and what food to pack.

Why We Like This Group: Of all the rim-to-rim groups we found, this one is the most active. Members are friendly and provide practical advice, as well as stunning photos and sneak peeks of what you can expect on your trip.

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4. Grand Canyon R2R Trip Planning & Preparation

If you’re planning a rim-to-rim trip, there’s no such thing as too much planning and prep. If a group with over 84,000 members and 10+ posts per day is a bit too much for you, this R2R trip planning group is a quieter alternative, with just 12,000 members and about 5 new posts per day.

Why We Like This Group: You can get all the same advice as Grand Canyon Rim to Rim without clogging up your feed.

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5. Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R)

Okay, there are a lot of groups about rim-to-rim planning. This one takes things to the next level, with advice for trekking from rim-to-rim-to-rim again. With over 32,000 members and a half a dozen or more posts per day, you can get all the important information you need to plan this next-level journey.

Why We Like This Group: The advice is specific to R2R2R journeys, including hydration planning tips, recent updates on trail conditions and amenities, gear and wardrobe advice, and more.

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6. Grand Canyon National Park Facebook Group

If you’re looking for a place to simply appreciate the Grand Canyon, this is the group for you—this public Facebook group is solely dedicated to sharing the “uniqueness, beauty, and wonders of Grand Canyon National Park”.

Why We Like This Group: At just over 6,000 members, this small group is all about enjoying and appreciating the Canyon. If you’re not planning a trip but find yourself entranced by the Grand Canyon’s innumerable viewpoints, rich history, and intriguing flora and fauna, you can get your fix for all things Canyon here.

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7. r/grandcanyon

Prefer Reddit to Facebook? r/grandcanyon is the preeminent subreddit for all things Grand Canyon, from trip planning advice and travel tips to super specific questions and practical advice. Search through this subreddit for any information you might need.

Why We Like This Group: Reddit can be a fantastic source for advice. If you aren’t a regular Facebook user, this community should be your #1 stop for all things Grand Canyon.

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Grand Canyon Connections: Offline Communities

If you’re local to the Grand Canyon or are looking to participate in offline groups or in-person meetups, these two preservation partners offer programs for conservation and education as well as grassroots activism.

8. Grand Canyon Conservancy

The Grand Canyon Conservancy is the Canyon’s oldest conservation partner, and is the official non-profit partner of the Grand Canyon National Park. Their main goal is to protect and enhance the National Park using funds raised by the park stores and visitor centers, including wildlife research, trail preservation, and educational programs.

If you’re looking for ways to get involved, the Grand Canyon Conservancy also runs programs and educational events like guided tours, overnight backcountry treks, and other learning adventures through the Grand Canyon Field Institute.

Learn more about the Grand Canyon Conservancy

Why Do We Like This Group? The Grand Canyon Conservancy has been working tirelessly to preserve and protect the Grand Canyon for nearly 100 years. They’re on the frontlines of the Grand Canyon, with outposts located along the Rim and numerous opportunities to engage and learn more about the Canyon. If you’ve ever purchased anything from a shop at the Grand Canyon marketplace, you’ve supported the Grand Canyon Conservancy directly.

  • Visit the Grand Canyon Conservancy’s website

9. The Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States. The Grand Canyon chapter was initially formed to prevent the building of dams inside the Grand Canyon, but since then it has taken on a wider range of conservation activities with the goal of protecting a wide range of Canyon assets, including parks, forests, wildlife and wildlife refuges, rivers, and streams.

The Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter offers a number of ways to get involved and meet other lovers of the Grand Canyon. Learn more.

Why Do We Like This Group: The Sierra Club is also one of the only voices for environmental protection at the Arizona Capitol. If you’re an activist, look no further. They take on the hard work of lobbying for the Grand Canyon and its surrounding wilderness and offer members the opportunity to participate in citizen lobby workshops and other activism events.

  • Visit the Sierra Club’s website

Wrapping Up

In the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon, where every rock tells a story and every sunrise paints a new masterpiece, it’s not just about hiking trails or breathtaking views—it’s about finding a community of fellow canyon enthusiasts.

Whether in online forums overflowing with advice and camaraderie or offline through conservation organizations like the Grand Canyon Conservancy and the Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon chapter, there is no shortage of avenues for Grand Canyon enthusiasts to celebrate and protect this natural wonder.


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