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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Soar to the Grand Canyon in style! Land on the Grand Canyon's South or West Rim, fly high above the North Rim, descend to the Canyon floor, or fly among the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Our helicopters feature panoramic windows offering unrestricted views from all forward-facing seats. Tours depart daily from the Las Vegas Strip.

Grand Canyon Helicopter and Indian Experience


Why Take a Helicopter Tour?

Helicopter tours are available to the Grand Canyon's South, West, and North Rims, as well as over the Las Vegas Strip. You can fly to the Grand Canyon, along the Rim, or deep into the Canyon where you'll land on the Canyon floor 4,000 feet below the Rim.

All of our helicopter tours feature luxury "flightseeing" helicopters designed specifically for sightseeing, featuring 180 degrees of unrestricted viewing, forward-facing seats, and digital audio narration in multiple languages. Helicopter tours can be easily combined with bus, boat, and airplaine tours.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are ideal for travellers who want to see aerial views of the Grand Canyon, descend to the Canyon floor, or who want to add a little extra excitement to their adventure. Looking for luxury? Some helicopter tours include limousine pickup and drop-off at most hotels on the Strip.

Unless you are taking a combination tour, helicopter tours are typically quicker than bus tours, making them perfect for groups with less time in Las Vegas.

What You'll Experience

Stunning Aerial Views

Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon.

Luxury Helicopters

Fully equipped helicopters with sightseeing windows and Whisper Jet technology for a quiet ride.

Multi-language Narration

Helicopter tours include narration in 10 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and more.

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