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Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

The West Rim is just two hours from Las Vegas. Travel by bus, airplane, helicopter or SUV and explore the Hualapai Village and see the scenic views of Guano Point and Eagle Point. Complete your trip with a helicopter floor landing, Colorado River cruise, or a stroll on the Skywalk. If you’re a true adventurer, try a one-day whitewater rafting tour.

Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour with Optional Skywalk



Enjoy 4 hours exploring the West Rim, including Eagle Point, Guano Point.

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Floor Landing with Limousine Upgrade


Luxury EC-130 Helicopter for $459 per person

Travel to and from your helicopter by limousine before flying to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, where you’ll land on the Canyon floor at a private ramada overlooking the Colorado River! Airport and processing fees are included.

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Grand Canyon Exclusive Floor Landing Helicopter Sunset Tour


Upgrade to a luxury EC-130 helicopter for just $30 extra per person

Get to and from the airport in a limousine and fly to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim in a sightseeing helicopter. Land on the Canyon floor 4,000 feet below the Rim and enjoy a sunset tour over the Las Vegas Strip on your return flight. Airport & processing fees are included in the price of your tour.

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Why Visit the West Rim?

With 2 million visitors a year, the Grand Canyon's West Rim is perfect for travelers hoping to avoid the crowds of the popular South Rim. The West Rim is also closer to Las Vegas, making it an ideal destination for day trips and shorter visits.

Grand Canyon West may offer fewer iconic views of the Grand Canyon, but it is home to many spectacular viewpoints, including Eagle Point and Guano Point, as well as unique attractions you can’t find anywhere else at the Grand Canyon, such as the Grand Canyon Skywalk and the new Zip Line.

Visitors can choose from a variety of guided West Rim tours, including bus, helicopter, airplane tours. Some guided tours include helicopter floor landings deep inside the Canyon, leisurely pontoon-boat cruises down the Colorado River, or even a stroll on the glass Skywalk. Looking for a little more excitement? Try our one-day whitewater rafting adventure. Tours depart daily from the Las Vegas Strip.

The Grand Canyon’s West Rim is located about 3 hours southeast of Las Vegas on Hualapai Indian Reservation Lands. Day trips to the West Rim take about 10 hours door-to-door, compared to 18 hours to visit the South Rim.

What You'll See at the West Rim

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Stand on a glass bridge that extends from the edge with views 4,000 feet straight down into the Canyon.

Eagle Point

Eagle Point is named for the eagle-shaped rock formation that is visible from the edge of the Rim.

Guano Point

See remnants of a historical mining tram, plus 360° views of the Grand Canyon from Highpoint Hike.

Hualapai Ranch

The hub of West Rim activities—this Western-style ranch offers cowboy entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Colorado River

Originating in the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River flows 4,000 feet below the Canyon’s West Rim.

Stunning Geography

Nearly 40 layers of rock comprise its walls—one of earth's most complete geological sequences.

West Rim Travel Guides

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