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16 Tips for your First Trip to Las Vegas [Updated in 2023]

16 tips for your first trip to las vegas

Last Updated: April 11, 2023.

If you’re planning your first visit to Sin City, don’t worry – Las Vegas may seem complicated and overwhelming, but it is the entertainment capital of the world for a reason!

To help get you ready for your first trip to Las Vegas, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure you get the most out of your adventure. So let’s do as seasoned Vegas visitors do and jump right in!

1. Distances are further than they appear

The Las Vegas Strip is four miles long, so while you can easily walk the whole thing over the course of a day (or night), different resorts can actually be much farther away than you’d think. It can take up to 20 or 30 minutes just to get to the next hotel!

If you want to want to meet friends, grab a bite, or take in a show at a neighboring hotel, consider exploring the walkways inside and between casinos so you can stay indoors in the air conditioning.

No matter how you choose to traverse the Strip, you should always wear comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be walking around inside the casinos a lot, too!

2. Bring a light jacket or sweater wherever you go

The Strip can get very hot during the day (the average high temperature in July is 106 degrees!), but the resorts blast their air conditioning to compensate, so despite the heat, it can get downright chilly indoors.

You’ll want a jacket at night as well – it gets surprisingly cool when the sun goes down.

3. You don’t have to gamble

Not a gambler? Not a problem! There are tons of other fun things to do and see in Las Vegas.

4. Ask for a complimentary room upgrade

There will often be an upgrade available – all you have to do is ask! The worst that can happen is that your hotel will say no. If they say yes, be sure to thank them with a tip.

5. Visiting Vegas is the perfect opportunity to see the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is only a few hours away from the Strip. A variety of organized day trips to the West and South Rims are available to suit every traveller, from the most budget-savvy to luxurious adventure seekers! If you want to make a full day of your adventure, hop on one of our luxury motorcoach tours, or for a more exhilarating experience, consider flying to the Grand Canyon in a special sightseeing airplane or helicopter.

6. Don’t miss downtown!

There’s more to Las Vegas than just the Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is home to a number of attractions, including Fremont Street, which boasts an LED-covered walkway, zipline, and numerous museums and attractions! There are also casinos downtown, and they’re often cheaper than the casinos on the Strip, which makes them a great alternative for those who are just trying their hand at table games.

7. Take caution around costumed characters

Be warned: if you stop for a photo, they will expect you to pay for it!

8. Be prepared for resort fees

Most hotels charge an additional fee, sometimes up to $30 per room per night, to cover the cost of extras like WiFi, newspapers, bottled water, and other features and amenities.

9. There’s no dress code!

Think Vegas is all tuxedos and sky-high heels? Think again! The fancier clubs may require you to step up your sartorial game, but there’s no dress code on the Strip. You’ll see people dressed to the nines right alongside people in cargo shorts, running shoes, and Hawaiian shirts.

10. Be cab savvy

If you’re planning on taking a cab anywhere on the Strip or in Las Vegas, be prepared to leave at least an extra half an hour to find an empty cab, or even more if you’re travelling between 6 and 8 PM.

Cabs are also not allowed to pick up customers on the Strip. If you want to catch a cab, you’ll have to grab one at a resort. Hotel taxi stands are the only place drivers are permitted to pick up customers.

If you’re taking a cab from McCarran International Airport to the Strip, don’t let your driver take you by the Tunnel – this can add an extra 10-15 minutes onto your trip (and your fare). Instead, ask them to take Tropicana Avenue.

11. You can drink on the street!

Plastic glasses are allowed on the street. Ask for a takeaway cup at the bar, and you can take your drink with you along the Strip, no questions asked!

12. Don’t overpay for drinks

In an effort to keep you gambling (and spending money), casinos offer free drinks to anyone playing the slots or table games. So instead of heading straight for the bar, take a seat and wait for a server to come to you. Just be sure to tip so your server keeps coming back.

Different bars within the same casino may also charge different prices for the same drink. If you’re planning on buying drinks, do your research and locate the best place at your resort to sip on your favorite tipple.

13. Smoking is allowed indoors

Good news for smokers, bad news for non-smokers. If you’re looking for a smoke-free environment, there are a few places non-smokers can take on the Strip: the Bellagio has some designated non-smoking gaming areas, Harrah’s Las Vegas has a 1,000 square foot non-smoking gaming room, and MGM Grand offers non-smoking gaming tables and a non-smoking slot section in the main casino.

14. ATMS are really expensive

The standard fee is $5.99, so make sure you bring all the cash you think you’ll need!

15. There’s lots to do outside the city

Some of the Southwest’s most iconic sights and landscapes are located just a few miles outside of Sin City. Take in one of the world’s most impressive feats of engineering on a Hoover Dam tour, or explore the rugged terrain of Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire. Here are some of our most popular tours:

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16. Look around!

The bright lights and bustle of the Strip can be intoxicating (even without free drinks), so make sure you take some time to stop and take a look around! Many hotel lobbies are truly unique, and outside on the Strip, there are massive art installations and statues located where you might least expect them.

Visiting Las Vegas

Don’t be intimidated by Sin City! From shows to fine dining to gambling to adventure travel, there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas. So get ready for your first visit, and have fun!

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