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How Not to Blow your New Year’s Resolutions in Las Vegas

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According to U.S. News, 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February—odds only the most daring Las Vegas oddsmakers would bet on. If you’ve made it this far without breaking your new year’s resolutions for 2019, congratulations! You’re on a roll, and nothing can stop you now—not even your upcoming spring break trip or winter getaway to Las Vegas.

Believe it or not, it is possible to keep your resolutions in Sin City without sacrificing the best of what Vegas has to offer. To help keep you on track to achieve your goals for the new year, we’ve created a guide to how you can make the most of Las Vegas without blowing the most common new year’s resolutions, including:

  • Eating healthier
  • Getting more exercise
  • Saving money
  • Trying new things
  • Travelling more
  • Making new friends
  • More self-care

Let’s jump in!

RESOLUTION 1. Eat Healthier

Las Vegas may have a reputation for doing everything to the extreme, including food (we’re looking at you, Heart Attack Grill), but if your new year’s resolution is to eat healthier, don’t panic. There are tons of places to get a delicious, healthy bite in Las Vegas without limiting yourself to another boring old salad. Check out this list of the best healthy-choice restaurants in Vegas by Eater Vegas.

Beyond opting for healthier menu options, packing nutritious and filling snacks like protein bars or picking up fresh fruit from a local supermarket will make sure you have something healthy to fall back on if you need a quick nosh. Bonus: smart snacking helps keep your food costs lower, leaving you with more money to spend on the casino floor, at gourmet (healthy) restaurants, or on that big night out on the town.

Speaking of a night out, alcohol packs a ton of empty calories, especially if you imbibe daily (an easy thing to do—it is Sin City, after all). Limiting your alcohol intake is an easy way to maintain your diet goals in Vegas, and it will give your body a chance to re-hydrate and re-energize. Your wallet will thank you too.

RESOLUTION 2. Get More Exercise

There’s no need to put your fitness goals on hold while you visit Las Vegas. You have lots of options for getting your steps in or sweating it out:

  • Most casino-resorts have a fitness center. Some also offer group fitness classes and yoga with a Vegas spin, like dolphin yoga at the Mirage. Yes, you read that right—dolphin yoga.
  • Many resorts also have a pool or three, so you can stay active while soaking in some classic Vegas vibes.
  • Walk down the Strip instead of taking cabs or public transport. Some resorts are as far as half a mile apart—that’s about 1,000 steps, if you’re counting.
  • Head off the Strip to Red Rock Canyon or another southwest hotspot for some hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities.

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas

RESOLUTION 3. Save Money

With a little research and some advanced planning, you can easily reduce the cost of your Vegas vacation. Try these tips:

  • Visit mid-week. Flights and hotel rates will both be cheaper than on the weekend.
  • Aim for the slow season. July and August, as well as mid-December, are the least popular times to visit Las Vegas. As a result, flights and room rates may be cheaper than other times of the year.
  • Stay downtown. They may offer fewer fancy amenities, but hotels in downtown Las Vegas are cheaper than their counterparts on the Strip, and their table minimums are also lower if you want to gamble. It’s still easy to get to the Strip, and there are tons of restaurants, bars, casinos, and other entertainment options to keep you occupied. Read our guide to visiting downtown Las Vegas for more ideas.
  • Check out free attractions like the Bellagio Fountains or the Fremont Street Experience. There are also numerous free attractions and events to check out on the Strip, including aquariums, gardens, and shows. Circus Circus, for example, puts on a free circus show every half hour from 11AM till midnight.

Want more ideas for saving money in Las Vegas? Check out our guide.

RESOLUTION 4. Try Something New

If your new year’s resolution is to try something new or cross something off your bucket list, you’re in luck—there’s no shortage of unique experiences in Las Vegas.

  • Drive: Choose from over 50 exotic cars or 23 racecars and speed your way around a 1.5 mile racetrack with no speed limit to slow you down. Visit Exotics Racing for more information.
  • Dig (or Destroy): Learn how to operate heavy construction machinery like bulldozers or excavators at Dig This. Need to blow off some steam? Sign up for an Aggression Session, and get ready to crush a car using a 30,000 lb Caterpillar excavator. Check out Dig This for more details.
  • Play: Become a pinball wizard at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.
  • Fly: Hit the skies and fly a plane at Sky Combat Ace. Try your hand at aerial acrobatics, air combat, flight training, or a combination of all three.
  • Throw: Go axe throwing at Axe Monkeys. If you’ve already done the axe throwing thing, you can also learn how to throw knives or ninja stars.
  • Fall: Experience the excitement of skydiving without having to throw yourself out of a moving airplane by going indoor skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving.
  • Golf: Brush up on your golf skills at Topgolf Las Vegas, located at MGM Grand.

RESOLUTION 5. Travel More

You’re already on the right track by booking a trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is surrounded by Southwest hotspots, making it a great home base for further exploration. While you’re in Vegas, check out:

Red Rock Canyon

calico hills at red rock canyon
By Frank Schulenburg - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Just 20 minutes from the Strip, Red Rock Canyon is a great option for a day trip. Drive the 13-mile scenic loop, spot some petroglyphs, and be sure to check out some of the best-known viewpoints, like the Keystone Thrust Fault, Mount Wilson, Calico HiIls, or Ice Box Canyon. Bonus: There are lots of hiking and mountain biking trails in Red Rock Canyon, so you can fit in some exercise as well.

There are many guided tours of Red Rock Canyon available from the Strip. Get up close and personal on our Red Rock Canyon SUV Tour:


Red Rock Canyon SUV Tour


See the famous Red Rock Canyon up close!

Just a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon is home to some of the Southwest’s most recognizable formations. See them all as you traverse the National Conservation Area’s 13-mile scenic loop on this unique tour.

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The Grand Canyon

bright angel point grand canyon north rim
Image Source: Grand Canyon National Park via Flickr.

Many people are surprised to learn that the Grand Canyon is easily accessible from Las Vegas.

If you have time, the South Rim National Park is about a 5 hour drive from the Strip, making it ideal for a self-guided overnight excursion or an airplane tour. If you have less time in Las Vegas, save yourself the drive and hop on a group day tour to the South Rim, or visit Grand Canyon West. Grand Canyon West—home of the Skywalk and the new Grand Canyon zipline—is less than 3 hours from the Strip.

There are many guided group day tours to the Grand Canyon available from the Strip, including airplane tours, helicopter floor landings, leisurely boat cruises down the Colorado River, and adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting adventures.

Death Valley

death valley viewpoints mesquite flat sand dunes
Image Source: Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons.

Death Valley is about 2.5 hours from the Las Vegas Strip, making it another great option for a day trip. Why visit Death Valley?

  • It’s the hottest and driest place in North America, holding the world record for the highest reliably recorded air temperature (134 degrees, recorded on July 10, 1913).
  • It’s also the lowest spot in North America—Badwater Basin has an elevation of -282 feet below sea level.
  • You can explore salt flats covering an area larger than 200 square miles.
  • There are lots of other unique formations and viewpoints to see, including Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Telescope Peak, Devil’s Golf Course, and Ubehebe Crater. Check out our blog post to find out what else you can see at Death Valley.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire Easy Day Trips from Las Vegas

Named for its distinctive red sandstone formations, the Valley of Fire is just 55 miles from the Strip. Hike into the inner canyons and visit other famous locations like Atlatl Rock, Elephant Rock, Rainbow Vista, and more.

Venture off-road in a customized Tour Trekker SUV on our Valley of Fire SUV tour.


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Hoover Dam

aerial view of hoover dam and bypass bridge
Image Source: Karl MPhotography from Pexels.

The Hoover Dam is only 35 miles from the Strip. Rising 726 feet tall and stretching 1,244 feet across Black Canyon, the Hoover Dam took 6.6 million tons of concrete to build—that’s enough concrete to pave a two-lane highway that stretches all the way from New York to San Francisco.

Stop for a photo op on your way to the Grand Canyon, or hop on a guided tour and descend deep inside the dam to see the massive generators and learn more about the history and impact of the Hoover Dam.

RESOLUTION 6: Make New Friends

Meeting new people is easy in Sin City. Sometimes, all it takes is putting your phone down or taking out your earbuds and initiating a conversation with your neighbor. Most people in Las Vegas are happy to chat, but if sparking a conversation with a stranger is outside your comfort zone, try these tactics:

  • Hop on a group tour to another southwest destination, or sign up for a walking tour or pub crawl in Las Vegas.
  • Ask another tourist to take a photo of you, and offer to do the same for them.
  • Embrace rideshare services—take the airport shuttle, hop on the monorail, or share cabs with people travelling in the same direction as you.
  • Look for meet and greets online. There are lots of folks who are also looking to meet new people. Facebook Groups like Five Hundy or Vegas For Beginners are great places to start. Make sure the host or organizer is an active member of Facebook Group or other social media platform.
  • Pay it forward. Buy someone a drink or a coffee, cover the cost of their cab (especially if you rideshare), or share a two-for-one discount coupon to get the conversational ball rolling. Then, invite them to pay it forward by doing the same for someone else they meet.

RESOLUTION 7. More Self Care

If taking better care of yourself is your priority for 2019, you’re in the right place.

Pamper yourself at one of the many spas in Las Vegas. From dry sweating rooms to steam baths, ice fountains, and water circuits, there are spa experiences to tempt any visitor. For the ultimate in self-care luxury, try these unique experiences:

  • Watsu at Spa Bellagio: Enjoy a zen shiatsu massage and a gentle stretch while you float in a private 94 degree pool.
  • Warm up at the Spa at ARIA: Relax in a special space warmed by heated black mineral stone beds that emit infrared heat, or detoxify in a salt meditation room.
  • Relax in old-world style at Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars: Check out the Roman baths, or test your mettle in the Arctic Ice Room. For a slightly less chilling experience, try the laconium—a relaxing dry heat sauna that warms your body up slowly and gently.

For those that prefer a less “Las Vegas” spa experience, you can also make an appointment with a massage therapist or esthetician.

If spas aren’t your idea of self-care, there are also several hot springs within easy reach of Las Vegas, including:

  • Gold Strike Hot Springs: About 45 minutes from downtown Las Vegas, this hot spring is located inside a slot canyon, with many small waterfalls feeding into the Colorado River. Pools range in temperature from warm to very hot. Don’t forget your hiking shoes—the hot spring is reachable via a short hike down a sandy wash and a few scrambles around boulders.
  • Rogers Spring: Rogers Spring is a bit further from Las Vegas—about a 1.5 hour drive—but it’s less busy than Gold Strike. This hot spring hovers around 80-86 degrees.


If you’re one of the few strong-hearted folks who’s managed to maintain their new year’s resolution well into 2019, kudos, and keep it up! While no trip to Sin City would be complete without a little indulgence, sticking to your new year’s resolutions doesn’t have to hold you back while you’re visiting Las Vegas.

Get more tips and expert advice for your Las Vegas adventure in our Ultimate Guide to Visiting Las Vegas.


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