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The Ultimate Las Vegas Visitor Guide: Meet the Contributors

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To help bring you the best information on visiting Las Vegas, we reached out to your fellow travelers and travel experts for their Sin City tips. Big thanks go out to everyone who shared their expertise!

Get to know our valued contributors:

Megan and Mike, Mapping Megan and Waking Up Wild

Meg & Mike Jerrard have been blogging since 2007, bringing you the best in adventure travel from all over the globe. Meg is an Australian travel-a-holic and author of Mapping Megan, while her husband Mike hails from the United States – he blogs at Waking Up Wild. The pair met while travelling in Tanzania, and a world-class travel blogging team was born.

Arianwen, Beyond Blighty

Arianwen started her blog, Beyond Blighty, in 2011. Her travels focus on solo travel and challenging herself through activities like canyoning, bungy jumping, skydiving, piloting a stunt plane, white water rafting, jet packing, and hiking treacherous icy volcano footpaths.

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Deb, Aroundustyroads

Aroundustyroads is the brainchild of Deb Neumann. Deb, also known as “Dusty” to her blog followers, originally intended to document her annual vacations and local adventures, but her blog has become so much more as she discovered a community of caring, fun folks in her fellow bloggers.

James, Escaping Abroad

James started his blog. Escaping Abroad, to share his passion for traveling and to inspire his readers to go out and do more exploring of their own. His enthusiasm for travel is evident in each of his posts.

Diana, D Travels Round

A Las Vegas native, Diana at D Travels Round has spent the last six years living and travelling abroad. Her story has been featured in Fodor’s, Boots n’ All, Nevada Public Radio, Wanderlust Magazine, Off Track Planet and many more.

Betsy, Passing Thru

Taking the plunge into “complete and deliberate homelessness,” Betsy and her husband embarked on a two year around-the-world trip in September 2014. Over the past three years, they’ve explored Europe, Australia, Asia, and more, and documented everything on their blog Passing Thru.

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Victoria, Pommie Travels

When Victoria graduated university in 2008, she embarked on an adventurous and nomadic lifestyle that has since taken her to over 48 countries. Now living in London, England, Victoria hopes her blog Pommie Travels will inspire and motivate others to follow her path.

Suzanne, The Travel Bunny

On The Travelbunny, you’ll find adventure, culinary encounters, a lot of photography and a little bit of quirk. Suzanne’s goal is to inspire your wanderlust and provide the information to plan your own trip using her own first-hand experience.

Hannah and Adam, Getting Stamped

Hannah and Adam have been travelling non-stop since 2013, and have visited more than 66 countries. They hope Getting Stamped will blow your mind with amazing photography from around the world, as well as introduce you to destinations you’ve never even heard of, help you plan your adventures with informative travel guides, and more.

Turner, American Travel Blogger

Turner, a self-professed “30-something American Joe next door fella”, is the mastermind behind American Travel Blogger. Dedicated to all things travel, Turner’s blog focuses on travel “from the lens of a part Gen X (the jaded part), part Gen Y (unrealistically hopeful part) vagabond”.

JoAnna, Kaleidoscopic Wandering

JoAnna is a full-time freelance writer and expat currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine. Before emigrating to Kyiv, JoAnna and her husband lived in Las Vegas. Kaleidoscopic Wandering was originally created to share travel stories and tips, and now features an eclectic mix of travel and expat adventures, writing and work, and family and fun, offering an insider’s look at her family’s day-to-day life regardless of where in the world we might be at the moment.

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The Ultimate Las Vegas Visitor Guide

Find answers to all your questions about Las Vegas in our Ultimate Guide!

Special thanks to all the expert travelers who contributed their tips to the Ultimate Las Vegas Visitor Guide!

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