grand canyon trip planner

There is no “best rim” to visit when you want to explore the Grand Canyon! Every Grand Canyon destination packs a full day of beautiful viewpoints and sights to explore.

The rim that suits you best will depend on who you are travelling with and what you want from your Grand Canyon experience. We can help you decide.

grand canyon south rim

You should visit the South Rim if:

  • This is your first visit to the Grand Canyon.
  • You want to see the larger, more iconic views of the Canyon.
  • You are a family with small children – the South Rim has more places to stay, amenities, and more to do.
  • You are driving yourself, renting a car, or road tripping.
  • You are visiting from Las Vegas and don’t mind an 18-hour day.
  • You want or need more visitor services.

Image Source: Grand Canyon National Park

grand canyon west rim

You should visit the West Rim if:

  • You want to take a shorter day trip than the South Rim.
  • You are coming from Las Vegas.
  • You prefer a guided bus tour.
  • You want to visit the Skywalk and experience views 4,000 feet deep straight down into the Canyon.
  • You are a family who wants to visit the Canyon without the crowds of the South Rim.

Image Source: Richard Martin

grand canyon north rim

You should visit the North Rim if:

  • You’ve already seen the South Rim.
  • You want a quiet getaway and don’t need or want a lot of amenities or activities.
  • You’re more interested in hiking, photography, relaxing, and enjoying nature.

Image Source: Grand Canyon National Park


You should visit East Rim if:

  • You want a quiet, non-touristy, untraditional Grand Canyon experience.
  • You don’t have small children – several major viewpoints do not have safety guardrails.
  • You are not travelling to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

Image Source: Moondigger

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