Comparing Tour Types: What’s the Best Grand Canyon Tour for You?

So you’re thinking about adding a trip to the Grand Canyon to your Las Vegas vacation. If you’ve decided to avoid the hassle of driving yourself and have opted to take a guided tour instead, your next decision will be to choose exactly what kind of tour you want to take. From bus tours that traverse the Mojave desert and airplane tours that fly high above the Southwest to adrenaline-pumping rafting tours deep inside the Grand Canyon, there are guided tour options to suit any adventurer.

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Should I Drive to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas or Take a Guided Tour?

Las Vegas is one of the closest major cities to the Grand Canyon, so the question for Vegas visitors isn’t “should I visit the Grand Canyon?”, it’s “should I drive myself to the Canyon, or take a guided tour?”.

Whether you drive yourself to the Canyon or take a guided tour is ultimately up to you, your travel needs, and what kind of Grand Canyon experience you want to have. Driving yourself and taking a guided tour both offer a number of advantages and disadvantages, so we’ve outlined both for you to make planning your Grand Canyon experience a little smoother. Read more