12 More National & State Parks Within Driving Distance of Las Vegas

When you arrive in Las Vegas, the sheer amount of things you can do can be overwhelming. There’s a smorgasbord of exciting exhibits, events, and activities to see and do in the city and the surrounding area, but if you’re looking for a more calming experience—perhaps a quiet day spent in nature, hiking the trails, kayaking along the water, or exploring historical sites—there are several options close, by both in- and outside the city.

Las Vegas is within easy driving distance of a number of iconic state and national monuments, making it a great homebase for your southwest explorations. Starting with the closest spots, here are 12 of the most popular historic sites, conservation areas, national and state parks that you can reach from Las Vegas.

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10 Places to See in the Southwest Outside of Sin City

If you’ve never ventured off the Strip, you might not know what lies beyond the streets of Las Vegas. Sin City may be located on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert, but if you’re looking to spend some time away from the flurry of Las Vegas, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery to see or interesting things to do a short drive outside the city limits. And, luckily, some of the most breathtaking sights in the Southwest aren’t located that far away from the Strip. Interested in a short road trip? Check out Red Rock Canyon! Don’t mind adding a few more miles to your drive? Beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park is only a few hours away.

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