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37 Awe-Inspiring Grand Canyon Instagram Photos

Did you know that the Grand Canyon is the most Instagrammed place in Arizona? It’s also the second most Instagrammed National Park in the United States.

There are over a million #grandcanyon photos on Instagram, including breathtaking #nofilter shots of the Canyon’s many stunning vistas, mind-bending photos of adventurous hikers and climbers, and of course selfies abound.

To celebrate the Grand Canyon’s venerated Instagram status, we’ve rounded up 51 of the most remarkable Grand Canyon Instagram shots. All credit goes to the original poster. Here they are:

1. Havasu Falls

These beautiful waterfalls, captured by @gearchase, perfectly embody the serenity of Havasu Falls.

A photo posted by @gearchase on

2. Canyon Sky

Talk about contrast! @dom.marino’s photo shows the stark contrast between the firey Canyon sky at sunset and the cool hues of the surrounding landscape.

3. A little rain never hurt anyone.

You’ve heard the saying: “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain”. Don’t let a little rain ruin your Grand Canyon adventure – @dorisclavel certainly didn’t!

A photo posted by Doris Clavel (@dorisclavel) on

4. Dramatic Clouds

The dramatic clouds in this photo posted by @laurenmadden91 are the perfect complement to the colors of the Canyon below.

5. Close Call

Whitewater boatman Carl Bigler almost flips his raft while traversing the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Close call! Photo via @grandcanyonphotography.

6. Fresh Powder

It snows at the Grand Canyon, too! And when it does, nothing compares to the beauty of freshly fallen snow on the Canyon’s rugged landscape. Photo via @grandcanyonnps.

7. No Color Required

The Grand Canyon is stunning, even in black and white. Photo via @dougdolde.

A photo posted by Doug Dolde (@dougdolde) on

8. R2R2R

The bright reds and greens in this shot by @mountainaxel show exactly why it’s worth making the trip from Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim by foot.

A photo posted by @mountainaxel on

9. Bright is Right!

We love the vivid colors in this shot by @manuinox33, taken on the Bright Angel Trail.

A photo posted by @manuinox33 on

10. Sun & Snow

Hot and cold combine in this great shot by @maiterzz. Great contrast between the snow and the sunrise.

A photo posted by Mai (@maiterzz) on

11. Everyone needs to see a baby mountain lion once in awhile.

This little guy’s face says it all. Photo via @grandcanyonps.

12. Moran Point

This photo taken at Moran Point by @dougdolde really highlights the vastness of the Canyon floor.

A photo posted by Doug Dolde (@dougdolde) on

13. Sky High

Talk about a bird’s eye view! Great shot, @lilidoenyas. See the Grand Canyon from above on one of our helicopter or airplane tours.

#miami #grandcanyon ❤

A photo posted by Lili Doenyas (@lilidoenyas) on

14. Havasu Falls, Again

Havasu Falls may be remote, but it’s worth making the trek deep into the Grand Canyon. This shot by @travelchannel shows you why.

A photo posted by @travelchannel on

15. North Rim Paradise

Like @lonebuffalophoto says, the North Rim in the winter can be pure paradise.

16. Double Rainbow!

It’s so beautiful! Another stunning shot by @grandcanyonphotography.

17. Point Imperial

What a beautiful shot by @grandcanyonnps from Point Imperial, the highest point at the Grand Canyon.

18. Bright Angel Trail

A little snow can’t stop @rubberduckie1006 from hiking the Bright Angel Trail!

19. Cloud Cover

We can’t get enough of these stunning cloud formations, caught by @streamstrider at the South Rim.

20. Flying High

This well-timed shot by @sweet20jo is enough to make anyone crave a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon! Check out our helicopter tours.

A photo posted by Jo Sweet (@sweet20jo) on

21. Happy Hiking

We’re certainly ready for a hike! Photo by @maiterzz via @gcdestinations.

22. Winter Wonderland

The Canyon may be obscured by fog and snow, but this photo by @aisforadventure still captures the serene beauty of one of Mother Nature’s greatest wonders.

A photo posted by Amanda (@aisforadventure) on

23. Infinite Grand Canyon

This shot by @kuhar.kalashnikova and @anastasiakalashnikova shows how the Canyon really does appear to go on forever.

24. Daytime at Desert View

@phtevenwoody truly captured the beauty of Desert View Watchtower in this fantastic shot.

25. Supermoon

There’s no better place to view a Supermoon than the Grand Canyon. Photo via @grandcanyonnps.

26. The Mighty Colorado River

This shot by @viapresents captures how the Colorado River winds through the Grand Canyon. Beautiful!

27. Dead Wood

The trees in the foreground of this shot by @bpcphotography highlight the vastness of the Grand Canyon as it extends in the background.

A photo posted by Bryan (@bpcphotography) on

28. Relaxing on a Mule Ride

Thank goodness for this sure-footed mule! We love how the trail stands out against Grand Canyon in the background. Great shot, @writegirl!

A photo posted by Lisa (@writegirl) on

29. Bright Colors on a Gray Day

The bright colors of the vegetation in this photo really pop against the white background. Even on a foggy day, there’s still beauty at the Grand Canyon! Photo via @_sharonhu.

A photo posted by Sharon Hu (@_sharonhu) on

30. A Work of Art

It may not be the Sistine Chapel, but the ceiling of the Desert View Watchtower is almost as colorful. Photo via @grandcanyonnps.

31. That's So Raven

Talk about a photo bomb! Great shot, @jenmfwest.

A photo posted by Jen Zen (@jenmfwest) on

32. Red River

The Colorado River doesn’t always run bright blue, but it is always a sight to see. Photo via @manuinox33.

A photo posted by @manuinox33 on

33. Looking Up

This shot by @earthgalleryphoto really captures how deep the Grand Canyon feels from the Canyon floor.

34. Night Sky

One of the benefits of the remoteness of the Grand Canyon is the truly dark night sky. This star photo by @lobectomy shows how the Grand Canyon is always beautiful, night and day.

A photo posted by Moops (@lobectomy) on

35. Eagle Point

@tonjeteoline’s shot shows how Eagle Point got its name.

A photo posted by @tonjeteoline on

36. Ravin' Ravens

Great shot of Grand Canyon ravens, @jfloren85!

A photo posted by Jason Floren (@jfloren85) on

37. Sky-High View

We love this high-flying, bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon by @gatodemonte via Instagram.

A post shared by Arturo TL (@gatodemonte) on

Canyon Camera

It’s easy to see why the Grand Canyon is the second most Instagrammed National Park in the United States. Rain or shine, day or night, the Grand Canyon is always a breathtaking sight to see.

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