This is Why You Should Bring your Kids to the Grand Canyon

Having young children doesn’t mean putting your travel plans on hold! Travel (and the money you spend to do it) isn’t “wasted” on kids simply because they’re young.

Beyond making lasting memories with your kids, exposing your kids to a wide range of sights, smells, sounds, cultures, and languages from an early age offers a number of benefits that can’t be matched by hitting the road on your own, as tempting as the prospect may be. And while they may not remember that famous architectural masterpiece or epic viewpoint, they’ll certainly remember the experience of traveling, the lessons they learn along the way, and the time you spend together as a family.

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These 3 Viewpoints Will Make You Want to Visit the Grand Canyon’s West Rim

When you see the Grand Canyon on TV or in the movies, chances are you’re seeing the South Rim. But there’s so much more to the 277 mile long, 1 mile wide Canyon than what you see on the big screen!

The Grand Canyon’s lesser-known West Rim offers a more rugged alternative to the South Rim’s many recognizable vistas and viewpoints – and it’s more accessible too. Owned and operated by the Hualapai Indians, Grand Canyon West is only a short three hour drive from Las Vegas (compared to five or six hours to the South Rim), making it the perfect option for travelers who want to experience the illustrious majesty of the Grand Canyon on a tighter schedule. And because it receives fewer guests and has comparatively sparse infrastructure, it’s easier to get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon when you visit the West Rim.

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How Did They Build the Skywalk?

It may look like it defies gravity, but the Grand Canyon Skywalk adheres to all the laws of physics and supports the weight of hundreds of thousands of visitors each year!

What feat of engineering enables a 1.2 million pound steel and glass structure to extend straight out from the edge of the West Rim and float 4,000 feet above the Canyon floor? Let’s find out.

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Should You Visit the Grand Canyon South Rim or West Rim?

The South Rim and the West Rim are the two most popular Grand Canyon tourism destinations. You’re in for some truly spectacular sights and exciting attractions no matter which area you visit, but for many adventurers, the choice between the South Rim and West Rim is a tough one.

Here’s a preview of the main differences between the South Rim and the West Rim:

South Rim
  • 5 hours from Las Vegas
  • 5 million visitors per year
  • Nearly 2 dozen viewpoints
  • Can hike into the Canyon
Grand Canyon West
  • 3 hours from Las Vegas
  • 2 million visitors per year
  • Fewer viewpoints but more time to explore
  • Walk beyond the Canyon edge on the glass Skywalk

Ultimately, which area you visit will come down to your travel preferences and how much time you have to explore. Need help making your decision? Take a closer look at the South Rim and the West Rim. Read more

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit the West Rim

When you see images of the Grand Canyon on television or in movies, chances are you’re seeing the South Rim. With so much attention focused on the South Rim’s attractions and viewpoints, it can be easy to forget that there are other regions of the Grand Canyon that are equally scenic – and sometimes even more picturesque – than the South Rim.

If you’re seeking a more rustic Grand Canyon adventure or don’t have as much time to visit the Grand Canyon, consider visiting the West Rim. Don’t worry about “missing out” on the Grand Canyon’s stunning vistas – there are many advantages to visiting the West Rim, including its equally breathtaking selection of viewpoints.
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