25 Family Friendly Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids

While Las Vegas may have a notorious reputation with a nickname to match, “Sin City” isn’t just for adults anymore. Over the years, the city has diversified its entertainment, activities, and culture to include lots of family-friendly options. Leaving your children at home is definitely an option—who doesn’t need a weekend away sometimes?—but it isn’t required.

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Best Things To Do With Your Kids at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a popular destination for family vacations for many reasons: it’s easy to access, there are tons of things to see and do while you’re there, and of course, the views simply can’t be beat.

To help you plan your Grand Canyon family vacation, we’ve compiled a list of the best activities to do with your kids while you visit, from relaxing on a pontoon boat cruise down the Colorado River to exploring the Rim and taking part in educational seminars. Here we go:

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This is Why You Should Bring your Kids to the Grand Canyon

Having young children doesn’t mean putting your travel plans on hold! Travel (and the money you spend to do it) isn’t “wasted” on kids simply because they’re young.

Beyond making lasting memories with your kids, exposing your kids to a wide range of sights, smells, sounds, cultures, and languages from an early age offers a number of benefits that can’t be matched by hitting the road on your own, as tempting as the prospect may be. And while they may not remember that famous architectural masterpiece or epic viewpoint, they’ll certainly remember the experience of traveling, the lessons they learn along the way, and the time you spend together as a family.

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Your Guide to Visiting the Grand Canyon for Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner! Whether you’re planning a college getaway or a family vacation with your kids, the Southwest is the perfect place to escape from the blustery winds and frigid temperatures many face every winter.

Las Vegas is a common starting point for the well-travelled Grand Canyon-Bryce Canyon-Zion Park loop. This loop is a popular route for Southwest roadtrippers, but if a single week isn’t enough time for you hit all three locations, Las Vegas is a perfect home base for exploring a number of iconic Southwest landmarks, like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, the Hoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon.

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Safety First: Keeping Your Kids Safe at the Grand Canyon

With exciting adventures, stunning overlooks, and educational opportunities hiding around every corner, there’s no denying that the Grand Canyon is a fantastic destination for families.

Every year, millions of parents bring their eager children to the Grand Canyon to explore one of America’s most beloved attractions, many of whom are concerned about safety. The Grand Canyon is perfectly safe for visitors of any age, but like any destination, it comes with its share of dangers. All you need to keep your family safe on your vacation is common sense and a bit of preparation, so to help you get ready for your next adventure, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips for keeping your kids safe at the Grand Canyon.

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