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Grand Canyon North Rim Tours

The North Rim may be only 10 miles away from the South Rim as the crow flies, but the terrain couldn’t be more different. Soar over the both the South and North Rims in a luxury helicopter, or fly to the North Rim in a flightseeing airplane and discover this Grand Canyon treasure, as well as Whitmore Canyon and the Lake Mead Conservation Area.

Grand Canyon Super Deluxe Airplane & Helicopter Tour


Grand Canyon North Rim Airplane & Ground Tour


Why Visit the North Rim?

With fewer visitors—but no shortage of stunning views—the secluded North Rim is a rugged alternative to the popular South and West Rims. Thanks to its higher elevation, the North Rim offers an entirely different experience, with cooler temperatures and a wider range of vegetation and wildlife.

The North Rim is also home to the historic Grand Canyon Lodge, as well as a number of breathtaking viewpoints, including Point Imperial, Cape Royal, Bright Angel Point, Dragon Corridor, and more.

If you've already visited the South or West Rim or are looking for a quieter, more remote Grand Canyon experience, head to the North Rim. Visitors can choose from a variety of guided North Rim tours, including helicopter, airplane tours, and ATV tours. Some guided air tours depart from the Grand Canyon South Rim airport.

The North Rim is owned and operated by the National Park Service, and is open seasonally from May 15-October 15. Because it's farther from Las Vegas, the best way to visit the North Rim in a single day is to hop on an airplane or helicopter tour.

What You'll See at the North Rim

Point Imperial

Point Imperial is the highest overlook on the North Rim at an elevation of over 8,800 feet.

Cape Royal

The southernmost vantage point on the North Rim, with a near-panoramic view of the Canyon.

Bright Angel Point

The North Rim's most popular viewpoint, with views of the South Rim 11 miles across the Canyon.

Kaibab National Forest

Higher elevation promotes a wider range of vegetation, including over 1,000 mi² of Kaibab National Forest.

Grand Canyon Lodge

Built in 1920, the Lodge overlooks the North Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Creek. Open seasonally.

North Rim Scenic Drive

Travel past Point Imperial and Cape Royal on this winding scenic drive. Open seasonally.

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