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13 of the Best Kept Secrets for Visiting Las Vegas

13 best kept secrets visiting las vegas

Can you keep a secret?

Las Vegas may not be renowned for its subtlety, but there are a few little-known tricks you can keep up your sleeve to make sure your Vegas vacation goes off without a hitch. Here are 13 of the best secrets for navigating Las Vegas like a pro.

1. Gaming for newcomers

If you’ve never gambled before, consider taking a class before you sit down at a table. Many casinos offer classes for first-time gamblers to help them get comfortable playing table games. Lessons are usually scheduled for weekday afternoons.

You could also consider learning the ropes in downtown Vegas. Table minimums are often lower off the Strip, so if things don’t go your way, you may not lose as much money.

2. Join the players club at your resort

When you’re a member of your resort’s players club or loyalty program, you’ll rack up points by gambling or exploring the resort that you can later cash in for freebies and other discounts. In some cases, you can get freebies and discounts just for signing up, and it’s usually free to join. All you have to do is fill out a short application and flash your driver’s license and you’ll be given a club card on the spot. Talk about a win-win!

3. Gaming gets you free drinks

Casinos supply gamers with free drinks in an effort to keep you gambling longer. If you’re planning on exploring a few nighttime hotspots, consider kicking off your evening on the casino floor.

PRO TIP: You get free drinks when you play the slots too. Try playing till you balance your wins and losses (or better yet, till you win big), and enjoy the free drinks in the meanwhile.

4. Drink prices vary

The same drink could cost you more at one bar than another, even inside the same casino. Ask around to find the cheapest place to buy your drink of choice.

5. The Strip is long (really long)

aerial view of las vegas strip at night

The Las Vegas Strip is four miles long. Hotels and resorts are a lot farther apart than you might expect – a hotel two resorts down the Strip from your own could take you half an hour to reach on foot. While you should definitely plan on walking down the Strip at some point during your stay (it’s one of those “can’t-miss” Las Vegas experiences), you should also expect to take some cabs if you’re planning on visiting other resorts.

You could also consider taking the Las Vegas Monorail, or booking a hotel roughly in the middle of the Strip for optimal access to both the north and the south.

6. Relax at the Wynn Koi Pond

When they need a quiet moment, seasoned Vegas visitors know where to go to get away from the neon lights. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip at the Wynn Koi Pond – it’s the most relaxing place on the Strip, and one of the Vegas’s best-kept secrets.

7. Getting out of the city

Las Vegas is surrounded by a number of exciting places to visit. If you start feeling overwhelmed by the lights and noise, hop on a tour and check out nearby iconic attractions like the Hoover Dam, or explore natural wonders like Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon.

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8. Downtown awaits

fremont street las vegas lighted canopy

In addition to a multiple casinos, downtown Las Vegas is home to a number of cool places you just can’t miss, like the Fremont Experience and the Neon Boneyard.

PRO TIP: If you’re driving downtown, park at the historic El Cortez. It’s free, and there’s a shuttle right outside the resort’s entrance.

9. Avoiding the party

If your ideal trip to Las Vegas doesn’t include a couple of nights out at the hottest, loudest nightclubs, schedule your trip for early in the week. If you arrive on Sunday or Monday and leave by Thursday morning, you’ll avoid the worst of the ruckus.

10. Don’t bank on using an ATM

The standard ATM fee in Las Vegas is a whopping $5.99, so make sure you have all the cash you need before you hit the Strip.

11. Expect resort fees

Resort fees are mandatory fees you will be charged for services you may or may not use during your stay, like WiFi. Sometimes, resort fees also include freebies, discounts, and shuttles. Nearly every hotel on the Strip charges a resort fee, sometimes up to $30 more per night on top of the rate you’re already paying for your room. Be sure to find out what’s included in your resort fee so you can take advantage of every service.

12. Just keep walking

The Strip is full of canvassers promoting events all over the Strip, some of which may be of the “adult” persuasion. Some travellers dislike the content of the fliers and comment on the aggressiveness of the canvassers, but if you just keep walking by, you shouldn’t have a problem.

13. Wear layers

Okay, we know this isn’t the most exciting secret, but it is useful. In the summer, temperatures on the Strip can easily climb over 115 degrees, but it’s a different story inside the casinos. Casinos often blast the AC to compensate for the heat outdoors, so wearing layers will give you the flexibility to stay cool when you’re outside but cover up when you’re indoors.

The Secret is Out

Las Vegas can be an intimidating city, especially for first-time visitors. Even experienced Vegas travellers don’t know all the secrets this incredible city has to offer, but with 13 of our best little-known tips for visiting Vegas, you can explore the city with the confidence of a local.

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