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The last thing you want to do when you’re in Las Vegas is spend your time hunting down a replacement for something you forgot at home! Finding what you need on the Strip can be difficult and expensive, and you’d rather spend your time around the poker tables or lounging by the pool, right?

If you’ve never visited Las Vegas before (or even if you have!), it can be difficult to predict what clothes, toiletries, and other supplies you’ll need while you’re in Sin City. We’ll leave your outfit choices up to you, but to help you decide what to bring and what to leave at home, we’ve created a supplementary packing list to help round out your wardrobe.

Here’s what you should bring:

1. Good walking shoes

You’ll be doing lots of walking, either down the Strip or inside your resort. Megan and Mike from Mapping Megan and Waking Up Wild share why good walking shoes are an essential item in Las Vegas:

Everyone travels to Vegas and expects to get dolled up, so most would have packed their high heels and nice dress shoes. But if you’re planning to walk the Strip during the day, catch a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, or perhaps check out the national reserves nearby (which are fabulous), you need to pack comfortable walking shoes.

James from Escaping Abroad seconds the suggestion:

las vegas packing list good walking shoes
The only must have is a good pair of shoes for walking the strip and casinos. They’re huge and there’s a lot of walking to get from one place to another. If you don’t have comfortable shoes you’re in for a rough time.

2. Bathing suit and bathing suit cover

Pack your suit into your carry-on bag in case your checked suitcase gets lost. Don’t bother bringing a towel—your hotel may offer complimentary towels, or you may be able to rent one and save the space in your suitcase.

3. Flip flops

Flip flops or slip-on sandals are essential pool attire. Not only do they give you a better grip on wet surfaces, but they also protect your feet from bacteria that hide out in the damp, warm crevices around pool decks.

4. One or two nice outfits

A couple of dressier outfits are essential, especially if you’re planning to go to a club or enjoy some of the fine dining Las Vegas has to offer. Check out our dress code tips for ideas on what to wear. Don’t forget to pack a pair of dress shoes, too!

6. A light jacket or sweater

 It may be sweltering outside, but it’s cool as a cucumber inside the casinos and restaurants. It can also get chilly after sundown. Deb from Aroundusty Roads recommends having a sweater or light jacket on hand:

As for a must-have item, I’d say a sweater or light jacket. Comfortable shoes too because you’ll do a lot of walking unless you stay on a stool in the casino! Everyone thinks Vegas is hot but once the sun goes down it can get quite cool. If you are riding on an open air tour bus the wind can make it very chilly. I’ve found that most people don’t dress up much, not even for the shows so it isn’t necessary to pack fancy dress.Deb, Aroundusty Roads

7. Sunscreen, sunglasses & hat

Las Vegas gets more than 300 days of sun every year, so it’s important to protect your skin and eyes.

10. Earplugs and an eye mask.

Don’t let noisy neighbors or roommates keep you from getting some much-needed shut-eye!

11. Government issued ID.

You’ll need it on the casino floor, at bars, and at clubs.

12. An adventurous spirit...

…and your camera! Las Vegas is full of interesting characters and experiences! If there’s one thing Suzanne from The Travel Bunny thinks every Las Vegas visitor should pack, it’s an open mind.

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