12 Items to Pack for your Las Vegas Vacation

Whether you’ve been planning your Vegas vacation for months or have booked a last-minute getaway, deciding what to bring to Sin City – the Entertainment Capital of the World – can be difficult.

No matter how well you’ve organized your packing list (if you have one at all, that is), something usually gets left behind. Forgetting something on your Vegas vacation certainly isn’t the end of the world, but finding a replacement is far from ideal – in addition to eating into your gambling, food, or party budget, it also takes valuable time away from your explorations.

To help you make the most of your time in Sin City, we’ve put together a list of must-pack items for your Vegas adventure, complete with a downloadable printable list at the end of the post.

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8 Pro Tips for Beating the Heat at the Grand Canyon

Summer is fast approaching, with sunshine and soaring temperatures hot on its trail.

The Grand Canyon is usually a little cooler than the dry desert heat of Las Vegas because of its higher elevation, but the mercury still skyrockets along the Rim and inside the Canyon during the summer. In some areas, average temperatures regularly reach (and exceed) 100 degrees:

South Rim
North Rim
West Rim
Low 80sMid 70s100+

Despite the heat, the summer months are peak tourism season thanks to summer break and the influx of family vacationers. So don’t let a little weather deter you from visiting the Grand Canyon!

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11 Things Not to Forget when you Visit the Grand Canyon

Car is packed? Check.

Kids are buckled in? Check.

After weeks of planning and the inevitable last-minute scramble to get ready to go, you’re finally all set to head out on your next family vacation – or so you thought. How many times have you pulled out of your driveway only to realize that you’ve forgotten something important? No matter how much we plan or how many times we double or triple check that everything has been packed, something always seems to slip through the cracks.

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