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Image Source: Grand Canyon National Park

Every year, 5 million curious tourists, nature enthusiasts, and adventurous travelers journey through deserts to take in one of the world’s most breathtaking sights – the Grand Canyon.

At 277 miles long with an average depth of 4,000 feet, the Grand Canyon is a truly spectacular geological marvel.

President Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he described the Canyon as “beyond comparison – beyond description; absolutely unparalleled throughout the wide world”. Sure, you’ve seen photos and heard your friends talk about the Canyon’s majestic beauty, but the only way to truly understand the magic of the Grand Canyon is to see it yourself. The question is – what part of the Canyon should you visit?

There are many different Grand Canyon locations for visitors to explore, each offering a variety of activities and experiences for everyone from the casual tourist to the experienced adventurer.

The Canyon is generally divided into four main tourist areas:

  1. South Rim: The South Rim is the most popular destination for Grand Canyon visitors. Managed by the National Park Service, the South Rim is home to many of the most iconic viewpoints, as well as numerous hotels and attractions.
  2. North Rim: Also managed by the National Park Service, the North Rim provides a rugged alternative to the South Rim.
  3. West Rim: The Grand Canyon West tourist region is closer to Las Vegas than the popular South Rim. The West Rim is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indians, and is known for its viewpoints and the breathtaking glass Skywalk.
  4. Grand Canyon East: The East Rim of the Grand Canyon is the least accessible region and its not owned or maintained by any official organizations, but there are many unique viewpoints to explore, including Horseshoe Bend.

There is no “best place” to see the Grand Canyon. Each rim offers spectacular views and unique attractions that will appeal to different visitors, so we’ve created a comprehensive Grand Canyon Visitor’s Guide to help decide which Rim you should visit, along with more more great tips for planning your Grand Canyon adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Grand Canyon

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