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What’s The Cheapest Time to Fly To Vegas + More Advice For How To Get Cheap Flights To Vegas

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas in the near future, you may be wondering how to save on travel expenses in order to maximize your budget for fun when you arrive. We totally get it! There’s so much to do in Vegas, the last thing you want to do is break your budget on the flight.

Although Vegas is teeming with life all year, from a financial standpoint, certain times are better than others to visit Sin City. To help you make the most of your vaca fund, we’ve done some digging for you to find out the best time to fly, including:

  • The cheapest time to fly to Vegas
  • The cheapest day to fly to Vegas
  • More general tips on how to get cheap flights to Vegas

Keep reading to get the deets.

What’s The Cheapest Time To Fly To Vegas?

The cheapest time to fly to Vegas is in January, whether you are flying domestic, from Canada, or internationally. That said, since Las Vegas is first and foremost a tourist city, you can usually find good flight deals no matter the time of year—if you’re on the lookout.

January offers a number of other advantages for Vegas visitors. Because January is considered “off season” (with high season lasting from April-June), you can also expect smaller crowds on the Strip and at nearby attractions like the Grand Canyon and Death Valley in addition to cheaper airfare. Another January bonus—you can even walk the Strip comfortably without ducking into the A/C every few minutes. Temperatures in Vegas usually range from high 50s to low 60s in January, so if you aren’t a fan of desert heat, January may be the perfect time to visit. (If high heat and pools are a must, you may prefer to visit later in the year.)

Although January is considered the cheapest month to travel to Las Vegas regardless of where you’re coming from, as a general rule of thumb, you can usually save on flights by avoiding the traditional high seasons for flying and focusing on the shoulder seasons of January-March (excluding March break) and September-November instead.

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What’s the Cheapest Day To Fly To Vegas?

The cheapest days to fly to Vegas are typically Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday if you’re booking a U.S. domestic flight. If possible, you’ll want to avoid flying on Friday and Sunday as more people like to depart on these days—and when demand is high, airline tickets cost more.

If you are booking an international flight (including you, Canada), you can also expect weekday flights to be cheaper than weekends, although the exact day will vary depending on other travel factors. If you are a Canadian living near the U.S. border, it might be worth checking out domestic flights departing from the nearest U.S. airports, and driving south to catch your flight to Vegas.

As important as it is economically to consider the day you fly into Vegas, it’s also important to consider the day you fly out when booking your airfare. Many travelers choose to leave Vegas at the end of the weekend on Sunday, which makes Sunday the most expensive day (by far) to depart. So, if you’re flexible and willing to miss Saturday night on the strip, Saturday is your best bet for securing a cheap return flight.

How To Get Cheap Flights To Vegas

Now that you know the best time and day to fly, we have more general tips that will help keep your flight costs more reasonable (and hopefully pad your fun budget some more).

  • The best time to shop for flights is generally Tuesday afternoon if you’re flying domestically, because airlines often launch flight promos on Monday and Tuesday that will be matched by their competitors later in the day.
  • Begin your search 4 weeks before your planned departure date if you are traveling within the U.S. You could find flights that are 10% cheaper than average. If you are flying internationally, we suggest keeping an eye on flights a few months in advance, and keeping your departure date flexible to secure the best prices.
  • Low-cost airlines will likely arrive at Vegas’ main airport, Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), so keep that in mind when inputting your search information. This airport even features slot machines and a fitness & wellness center, if you’re looking to blow off some steam before or after your flight.
  • Use fare comparison tools when booking your flight to help you find the best deals (Skyscanner, Kayak, and Hopper to name a few). These will allow you to compare prices from various airlines based on your time frame (whether you are flexible on your departure or have locked down a day).
  • Set price alerts on fare comparison tools to receive email updates when the prices for your chosen routes have changed so you’ll be the first to know when prices drop.
  • Save on the cost of your ticket by booking a connecting flight (if you aren’t in a rush to arrive). Flights with 1+ stops along the way are typically cheaper than direct flights, and it’s easy to filter for this option when searching.
  • Pack light, since checking a bag is often an extra expense. A carry-on bag is sometimes included in the price of your ticket, or you can add one for a small fee.
  • Take advantage of credit card travel perks. Many airlines offer their own credit cards, and you may even have travel perks or rewards with your current credit card—it’s worth checking out before you book!

Wrapping Up

All in all, there’s a lot of information out there regarding how to get cheap flights to Vegas. With these tips in mind, we hope you’re ready to lock down the best deals!

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