The Grand Canyon

Watch Paul Cardall Surprise His Wife with a Helicopter Flight Over the Grand Canyon

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On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Paul Cardall, an American pianist, composer and author at All Heart Adventures surprised his wife with a bucket list experience—a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon.

Paul documented the whole Canyon Tours experience and shared a video on his YouTube and Instagram channels. Join them on their journey to the West Rim, starting with their shuttle bus ride to the helicopter airport where they meet (and joke with) their pilot Jeremy, then hop aboard the luxury flightseeing helicopter and take in the sights from their perspective as they soar over the Mojave Desert and past the Hoover Dam (complete with bird’s eye view of the Bypass Bridge and Lake Mead) on their way to the Grand Canyon West Rim. Watch as they fly over the edge of the Grand Canyon and see the ground disappear beneath them as the Colorado River winds through the Canyon thousands of feet below, then return to the airport with the memory of a lifetime.

See what it’s like to take a Canyon Tours Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas—watch the video below to experience this bucket-list adventure:

Check out Paul’s Instagram @paulcardall for more adventures.


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