25 Family Friendly Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids

While Las Vegas may have a notorious reputation with a nickname to match, “Sin City” isn’t just for adults anymore. Over the years, the city has diversified its entertainment, activities, and culture to include lots of family-friendly options. Leaving your children at home is definitely an option—who doesn’t need a weekend away sometimes?—but it isn’t required.

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How to Stay Cool in Las Vegas This Summer

Located on the outskirts of the driest desert in North America, Las Vegas sees its fair share of hot days, especially in the summer months. As a tourist, you may not be prepared for how hot Las Vegas can get—“[o]n average, 134 days per year reach or exceed 90 °F (32 °C), of which 74 days reach 100 °F (38 °C) and 7 days reach 110 °F (43 °C).”

So, how does one beat the heat and stay cool in the face of such unrelenting temperatures? Here are 7 of our best tips.

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34 Totally Free Things To Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation as a place of extravagance and indulgence—with a price tag to match. People come here expecting to spend and—if they’re lucky—win big, but beyond all the top-billed residencies, awe-inspiring shows, and casinos, there are many ways to fill your time that won’t cut into your food budget, merch money, or gambling fund.

If you’re travelling on a budget, you’re in luck—Vegas is never one to disappoint, and there are a number of surprisingly fun, free things to do throughout the city and in the surrounding area. Here are some of the best shows and tours, sights to see, photo ops, and activities to check out:

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How Not to Blow your New Year’s Resolutions in Las Vegas

According to U.S. News, 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February—odds only the most daring Las Vegas oddsmakers would bet on. If you’ve made it this far without breaking your new year’s resolutions for 2019, congratulations! You’re on a roll, and nothing can stop you now—not even your upcoming spring break trip or winter getaway to Las Vegas.

Believe it or not, it is possible to keep your resolutions in Sin City without sacrificing the best of what Vegas has to offer. To help keep you on track to achieve your goals for the new year, we’ve created a guide to how you can make the most of Las Vegas without blowing the most common new year’s resolutions, including:

  1. Eating healthier
  2. Getting more exercise
  3. Saving money
  4. Trying new things
  5. Travelling more
  6. Making new friends
  7. More self-care

Let’s jump in!

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Las Vegas New Year’s Eve 2019 Guide

Christmas in Las Vegas may be extravagant, but when it comes to over-the-top holiday celebrations, New Year’s Eve in Sin City tops even the tallest Christmas tree on the Strip.

Every NYE, the entire Strip is shut down to vehicle traffic and transforms into one giant block party attended by over 300,000 people. At midnight, casinos up and down the Strip launch a choreographed fireworks show, while indoors, showrooms boast the hottest entertainment, and nightclubs are packed with revelers ringing in the new year on the dance floor.

The key to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is to plan ahead and book early, so if you’re looking to usher in 2019 in Las Vegas, make sure you check out our guide.

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